Are you interested in developing a product for your own company? We will be happy to help!

A few reasons to partner with us:

  • Fast and flexible deliveries.
  • Capability to produce both small and large batches according to clients’ requirements.
  • Wide range of equipment for product development and manufacturing.

We manufacture various processed cheese products, sauces, desserts, purées and mashes, flavoured butters, quark products, porridges and jams. We take special diets and food allergies into account in our production, and you can count on getting high-quality products all the way from the starting idea to delivery.

We can offer a wide range of packaging options and package sizes to choose from.

Options include:

  • Round polystyrene and polypropylene cups 20 ml - 500 ml
  • Plastic sausage casings 50 g - 2 kg
  • Plastic tubs 200 ml - 400 ml
  • Bag 5 kg - 10 kg
  • Bulk boxes/containers