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Our company Lieksan Laatuherkut was established in 1994. The company produces high quality groceries for retailers, HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Café), and other sectors of the food industry. 

Our inspiration comes from the pure nature of North Karelia, one the cleanest in Europe. This is why the foundation of our products is based on genuine high quality raw materials from nature – without artificial flavors. 

We utilize research and development as well as the best raw materials in order to produce tasty and safe foods. 

Unlike big corporations, Lieksan Laatuherkut can quickly customize a product to a client’s desires, as well as produce private labels.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to develop a new quality product.

We use traditional methods where a machine is only an extension of the person creating the product, not vice versa.
Our philosophy at work is based on maintaining the harmony and well-being of people. Profit itself is not a purpose for our business. We focus on today, but respect traditions. Life is about harmony, happiness, and interaction with people – if you want it to be!

Some of Lieksan Laatuherkut’s products are flavored butters, cheese spreads, pasha, jams, rice pudding, and vegetable purés.  

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